Ajin season 3: Expectations, Deviations, and Plot

ajin season 3

Fans and followers of Ajin flooded online when the live-action Ajin: Demi-Human movie was aired in Japan. This live-action created huge interest for the third season of Ajin and fans started hunting every magazine and online paper for news and confirmations. However, the third season of Ajin anime managed to attract almost the same number of searches as it did with the previous season. This makes the popularity of Japanese anime crystal clear. The thing that anime enthusiasts are looking for now is confirmation dates for the third season’s release and other related info as well. let’s learn whether Polygon Pictures grace Netflix with the third season of Ajin this year?

Ajin Season 3: Expectations and Developments

Ajin is a Japanese anime based on the manga by author Gamon Sakurai. It has already attracted a great number of viewers around the globe and become one of the best anime on Netflix. The series consists of two wonderful seasons. Since the finale of the second season, Ajin fans are looking for the third season. But there is one problem which is how Polygon Pictures chose to adapt the work of the manga author.

The first season of the show relied on the source material. It followed the storyline of the manga, except the last two episodes. Manga lovers found it satisfying but the changes made in the last two episodes got mixed attention from the fans. The second season, however, quickly began to deviate away from the source material completely.

As of January 2018, Sakurai completed Chapter 55. These manga chapters are relatively shorter than compared to manga like Attack on Titan. Volume 11 of Ajin was released in September of 2017 and its English translation is coming out in May 2018. The author has high ambitions for the manga and the latest chapters come out on a monthly basis. Now, the director deviated the storyline after chapter 29 of Ajin manga. This chapter was released in the tankōbon format in late 2015 as part of Ajin Volume 7.

How it all happened and Why?

Fans may have been wondering why the storyline saw a deviation from the manga. Unluckily, at the time of Ajin anime production, the manga was incomplete. This totally makes sense to deviate the story to fill the gap. To many fans of manga, the divergence reminds the situation to Tokyo Ghoul Season 2. But there is a big difference between both these anime; Ajin reviews remain positive while Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 faced criticism. The deviation was inevitable and it seems that Ajin season 3 is facing the same issue. The good news is that Polygon Pictures hasn’t stopped making new content.

The limited edition of the Ajin Volume 10 was released in April of 2017 and it came with the third Ajin OVA episode produced by Polygon Pictures. Focusing on the story of the past of the main antagonist Sato and how the Ajin phenomenon began in Africa in the 1990s, this episode presents the past storyline. The “File:00 Shinya Nakamura Incident” contains the first two original anime DVDs, OAD, told the story of the manga and also on the daily lives of the characters.

What is so special about Ajin Movie?

Well, the live-action movie holds key significance because it reminds us of the Ajin anime. There is another significant feature attached to Ajin live action; the hype created by it. It is a fruitful time for Polygon Pictures to announce the 3rd season of Ajin. The movie has already paved the way by attracting the audience towards the storyline.

On September 30, 2017, the Japanese film was released and it grabbed overall positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. No doubt, it has given impetus to future anime production.

Quick Intro to Ajin

Ajin is a Japanese horror fantasy anime that consists of two seasons. Ajin: Demi-Human has already been considered as one of the best anime series. Right from the first season premiere in Winter 2016, the anime has carried on a legacy of fantasy horror. The show has gathered a massive fan following and the release of the film Ajin also created a much-needed hype for the third season of the series. The story centers at Ajin which are Demi-Humans that were discovered in Africa. The mysterious creatures hold mysterious capabilities and it made them labeled as Threats to humans. The whole story revolves around this theme.

Wrap Up

Ajin is a Japanese anime series that consists of two seasons. The anime has attracted a massive fan following with the first two seasons and the release of the film has made fans’ demand for the third season more eager. Though the director deviated the story in the last two episodes of the first season and on the second season too, the anime holds positive reviews. Sooner or later there will be a third season of this fantasy horror anime!

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